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A cordial is traditionally a pleasant-tasting heart medicine, best shared and
enjoyed in the company of kith + kin. This cordial has its roots in my love of
all things Celtic, Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic, and came to full fruition when
I became enamored of the lore and legend surrounding the sacred Celtic trees,
specifically hawthorn.

Anam Cara literally translates from the Irish language to mean “soul friend.”
In the Celtic tradition, it can also be a teacher or spiritual guide. Anam Cara
is the highest expression of how we relate to one another and helps us to
understand our place in the web of life. When we come to this understanding and
learn to relate to one another as divine beings, it creates a sense of
belonging and acceptance. This formula is to help you move in a place of love
and understanding, knowing that we are all branches on the same tree. I use all
of the rose family trees sacred to the Celts and blend them with other rose
family plants of the hedge wildcrafted by myself and friends here in
southeastern Pennsylvania. I included elder in this formula for her association
with rowan and hawthorn in being portals to the spirit world. Rosemary has a
part here in helping us to remember those things that we forgot we knew-
bringing forth truths that have been buried in and by our consciousness, things
that we have lost touch with in just a few generations, things our ancestors
are aching to tell us from the other side of the veil. This cordial was
conceived in the end of October, approaching the time of year when the veil is
thinnest. Anam Cara helps us to share the deepest parts of our hearts and minds
and receive the same from others without being distracted by our physical

Hawthorn berries (Crataegus oxyacantha)- Fairy thorn, hagthorn, hedgethorn-
Hawthorn can, by it's own pricking, stand alone as a superior heart medicine.
It is such a scared tree, that entire cities and roads have been re-routed to
avoid disturbing a lone hawthorn and the fairies that inhabit it. A popular
plant to find in hedges and seen as a portal to another realm, this truly is
hedge medicine.

Rowan berries (Sorbus aucuparia)- Witchwood, witchbane- Scandinavian legend
states that the first woman was born of a rowan. Associated with Brigid, and
beloved to the Scots and often found on the lintels of doorways and around
sacred circles as a form of protection. Derived from the Gaelic "rudha-an",
meaning "the red one."

Elderberries (Sambucus nigra)- The Hyldemor, Mother Hylde, Frau Holle, or
Elder Mother is the dryad who inhabits this tree, and she can show you your
life's stories in a dream. My Danish ancestors would never dream of cutting an
elder down for fear of the Hyldemor, nor would they even harvest her berries,
wood, or flowers without her permission. This tradition is still alive in the
Pennsylvania Dutch tradition today. The berries are high in anthocyanins and
support cardiovascular and blood health (as are all the berries in this

Wineberries (Rubus phoenicoasius)- a wild raspberry in the rose family that
grows in abundance here in Pennsylvania. Originally brought here and an
ornamental from Asia, it quickly escaped cultivation and can be found pouring
out of woodland edges and fencerows. July is wineberry pickin' season!

Black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa)- another native berry in the rose
family. Wildcrafted.

Rose petals (Rosa spp.)- delicious energetic heart medicine. You can't really
have a heart formula without the gentle holding in of rose.

Apple peel (Malus spp.)- another sacred Celtic tree in the rose family. Apples
are associated with the undying lands of Avalon, which exists in a world other
than and alongside this one.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)- "Rosemary for remembrance", as the saying
goes. It also is warming in its energy, increases circulation to and from the
brain, and has an overall balancing effect on the circulation (as above, so
below; as within, so without).

Preservative-free brandy, and local PA honey infused with rose petals.

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